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Abuja Properties was founded in February 2007 with the aim of developing premier residential sites. Since then we have developed a reputation for sales and development of prestigious homes in prime locations ranging from one bedroom apartments to Luxury Estates.

We are pioneers in online Real Estate in Abuja. Our grassroots and high profile connection places us far ahead of our numerous competitors.

Privacy is our key word, be rest assured that all customer transactions and communications will be kept totally private.

Our aim is to be the perfect place for all Abuja home hunters to find details of all properties available to buy or rent. Our website and mobile platforms provide an easy to use but sophisticated online property search. With the depth of information that it provides, home hunters can immediately identify a preferred property.

Whatever the reason may be that people search amongst the luxury homes advertised on LuxuryEstate, we want to offer you the best experience possible. Whether you are attracted by the beauty of the properties, the inspiration from browsing listings, the desire to purchase a dream home or make an investment. Whether online or on our apps for smartphone and tablet.

As an independent company, Abuja Properties is constrained by the ties of a plc enabling it to make decisions far more quickly and developing its individuality. Key to this is the company’s standard of providing an innovatively designed home which – whilst complementing today’s busy lifestyles combines the best of traditional craftsmanship, materials and finishing.


To make housing affordable to those wishing to become home owners in Nigeria through the practice of environmental sustainable development.

At Abuja Properties, we are committed to providing a high standard of service to our customers as we believe that quality is of essence and our very survival as a living organization depends on the quality service that we provide our customers.

Our Quality Assurance Department takes the necessary steps to ensure ALL lands acquired on behalf of our customers are litigation free and also durable and quality materials are used in all projects undertaken by us and that NO shoddy work is done. Again, our QA team pays regular visits to properties developed by our partners and us after handover to check their structural and the facilities in them. This is intended to assure our customers that we are never far away in the unlikely event of anything going wrong with properties bought from us.

In short, quality is our hallmark; and we pride ourselves in the fact that our properties are top notch and unrivalled anywhere in the country. We are so confident of this claim that we promise our customers the very best.

Management Team :

Abuja Properties is managed by a team of dedicated and diligent individuals with extensive experience in the areas of Real Estate Management, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Project Management.